Georgia to Maine - - Please join me from start (4/1) to finish (8/10) - 132 days!!!!!

Bethlehem, NH
I have completed my thru-hike of the AT from Georgia to Maine; I started 4/1 and completed 8/10/10. I decided to do this thru-hike in memory of my brother Michael and in turn decided to turn it into a fundraiser. All money raised went to the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country which gives year-round opportunities in sports and recreation to people with physical or developmental disabilities. My wife Pam and I got involved with this program because it allows us to help people with disabilities enjoy the outdoors like we do and my brother Michael did. Michael was born mentally challenged, and he loved to visit us in the North Country of NH and go hiking. He also loved the outdoors and did many other sports. So, to help others do this and other outdoor activities is a TRIBUTE to him, and an HONOR to us. Many of you have helped me along my journey and donated (follow donation link) directly to a secure website. All donations have gone and WILL CONTINUE to go to ASPNC – nonprofit org to help assist others to hike, ski, kayak, snow shoe..etc… Thank you all in advance for your kindness & generosity, Dave & Pam Smith

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hi All ,
Pam and I spent a few hours this weekend doing last min. food prep and double checking all info Pam needs  to send mail drops, swap gear ect.
Above is food for first 4 days on the trail.
Also found link (thanks to Ted Becker) of blind gentleman hiking AT this year using just a GPS system and hiking poles as his cane.His name is trail name is Bulldog and I hope to catch up to him on the trail. If anyone wants the link I'll try to post it on the blog
Talk Later,
Dave (Smitty)


  1. Looks like your going to be eating some small things. I understand less to carry right?Less weight? Looks like you have some goodys your going to be bringing! is Snickers or slim jims your favorite that you just cant forget them when you go on a hike? Do you think your going to beable to buy stuff like this at a general store in some town that you end up stopping at?

  2. Hey Taylor,

    I'll be able to buy snickers and slim jims(my favorite)in towns along the way ,I'm just having food seht at spots where it's hard to get to town.
    thanks for following ,

  3. Anonymous27/3/10

    What, no mac & cheese? Heresey. Actually, I don't think I've ever shouldered a backpack without peanut butter.
    Not much different than I would expect though. Lipton noodle dinners and their rice in various flavors are good too. And widely available.
    Best of luck,