Georgia to Maine - - Please join me from start (4/1) to finish (8/10) - 132 days!!!!!

Bethlehem, NH
I have completed my thru-hike of the AT from Georgia to Maine; I started 4/1 and completed 8/10/10. I decided to do this thru-hike in memory of my brother Michael and in turn decided to turn it into a fundraiser. All money raised went to the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country which gives year-round opportunities in sports and recreation to people with physical or developmental disabilities. My wife Pam and I got involved with this program because it allows us to help people with disabilities enjoy the outdoors like we do and my brother Michael did. Michael was born mentally challenged, and he loved to visit us in the North Country of NH and go hiking. He also loved the outdoors and did many other sports. So, to help others do this and other outdoor activities is a TRIBUTE to him, and an HONOR to us. Many of you have helped me along my journey and donated (follow donation link) directly to a secure website. All donations have gone and WILL CONTINUE to go to ASPNC – nonprofit org to help assist others to hike, ski, kayak, snow shoe..etc… Thank you all in advance for your kindness & generosity, Dave & Pam Smith

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday 5/17

Sunday – PTD did only 9.4 miles.  Not because he wasn't  feeling well but because he didn’t want to go another  6 miles to the next shelter the way the skies were looking. Very ominous and w/all the hail and thunder and lightning storms they had been having recently he decided to stay put for the night. He stayed at the Sarver Hollow Shelter (only sleeps 6). He says that the shelter was very crowded later that night as more hikers did not want to push on due to weather conditions. He says people were sleeping on picnic tables (big overhang on shelter) where ever they could find a spot there was someone. He says people are rolling back in after Trail Days and shelters will be full for awhile to they all separate again.

Near the shelter he saw an old homestead. Thinks it must have been built in the 1800’s.

Monday – PTD called at about 8ish to say that it is rainy and gloomy but he was heading out along w/another hiker for the day. The rest were mulling around the shelter and deciding whether to hike today. He will miss some views today but he is here to hike and not to sit in the shelter. He says he is feeling much better today. Maybe we will see more miles soon. 

At 9:30am PTD crossed a significant "continential divide" today. Water flowing to the east of this point empties into the Atlantic Ocean and waters flowing to the west flow into the Gulf of Mexico.  Thinks it was something like 1920miles to Gulf and 405 to Atlantic Ocean.

He did not get to see the Audie Murphy Monument(he was the most decorated American soldier of WWII and he single handedly captured large nubers of Germans) Why this site? In 1971 he died near here in a plane crash. It was too rainy so Ponytail did not take the blue blazed side trail to try to view.

He got some sweet trail magic today.  Found a cooler that had cherry popsicles, water, apples and Gatorade. He said he didn't care that it was only 50 degrees outside and rainy. Said those could have been the best 2 cherry popsicles he has ever had. He did have Gatorade and an apple too.

He stayed at the Pickle Branch Shelter built in 1980 and sleeps 6. He did 16.1 miles today.

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