Georgia to Maine - - Please join me from start (4/1) to finish (8/10) - 132 days!!!!!

Bethlehem, NH
I have completed my thru-hike of the AT from Georgia to Maine; I started 4/1 and completed 8/10/10. I decided to do this thru-hike in memory of my brother Michael and in turn decided to turn it into a fundraiser. All money raised went to the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country which gives year-round opportunities in sports and recreation to people with physical or developmental disabilities. My wife Pam and I got involved with this program because it allows us to help people with disabilities enjoy the outdoors like we do and my brother Michael did. Michael was born mentally challenged, and he loved to visit us in the North Country of NH and go hiking. He also loved the outdoors and did many other sports. So, to help others do this and other outdoor activities is a TRIBUTE to him, and an HONOR to us. Many of you have helped me along my journey and donated (follow donation link) directly to a secure website. All donations have gone and WILL CONTINUE to go to ASPNC – nonprofit org to help assist others to hike, ski, kayak, snow shoe..etc… Thank you all in advance for your kindness & generosity, Dave & Pam Smith

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday 5/22

Around Matt’s Creek Shelter they estimate rocks in the area to be 5 MILLION years old. Pretty cool! He crossed over the longest foot use only bridge on the AT. It crosses the James River.

Went into a town called Glasgow, VA to the Dollar General (think that is his new favorite store) to get some more supplies to hold him over to Waynesboro where his next mail drop is. It was an Emergency Service Day celebration in the town park. A huge cookout w/call emergency personnel. He went over and got a big pulled pork sandwich. Yummy, yummy! He was starting to leave town as it started to drizzle. On and off for the next several hours.

As he was going up Bluff Mountain (3,372) it was really foggy. He couldn’t see 5 feet in front of him. He kept walking and soon he came above the clouds and it was sunny and not raining. PTD came across a monument marker.

In 1890 little Ottie Cline Powell a 4 1/2yr old little boy went into the woods on a November morning to gather firewood for the school house and never returned. His body was later found several miles away on the top of the Bluff Mountain in April 1891. Local rumor is that little Ottie was murdered. They also say his ghost still lives between there and Punchbowl Shelter. Little Ottie is trying to find his way home so they claim. People claim they have seen apparitions of him in the night near the Shelter. Spooky.

Guess where Dave stayed? Of course - Punchbowl Shelter. He did not see any signs of little Ottie. He has now reached 785 miles to date on the trail. He did 25.1 of those miles today.

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