Georgia to Maine - - Please join me from start (4/1) to finish (8/10) - 132 days!!!!!

Bethlehem, NH
I have completed my thru-hike of the AT from Georgia to Maine; I started 4/1 and completed 8/10/10. I decided to do this thru-hike in memory of my brother Michael and in turn decided to turn it into a fundraiser. All money raised went to the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country which gives year-round opportunities in sports and recreation to people with physical or developmental disabilities. My wife Pam and I got involved with this program because it allows us to help people with disabilities enjoy the outdoors like we do and my brother Michael did. Michael was born mentally challenged, and he loved to visit us in the North Country of NH and go hiking. He also loved the outdoors and did many other sports. So, to help others do this and other outdoor activities is a TRIBUTE to him, and an HONOR to us. Many of you have helped me along my journey and donated (follow donation link) directly to a secure website. All donations have gone and WILL CONTINUE to go to ASPNC – nonprofit org to help assist others to hike, ski, kayak, snow shoe..etc… Thank you all in advance for your kindness & generosity, Dave & Pam Smith

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday 5/8

Ponytail woke today not feeling good. Sluggish, throat sore, stuffy. Thinks maybe allergies or a cold coming on. Says it rained really hard last night. Now he gets to put away a soaking wet tent. Yeah! He wants to get moving on because it is cool, damp and windy. The wind has been relentless the past few days.

He saw his 1st hummingbird today. Made him think of home because we usually put up feeders around Mothers day. Again, another sign of spring.

He traveled through a bunch of pastures today and he came across lots of cows, calfs and bulls. He made sure he took off his red bandanna just to be sure. Didn't feel much like running from a bull today.

He did have a Mexican stand off w/several cows. They all stared at each for a few minutes. They were right in the middle of the trail. Dave finally said fine I will move since you won't and he was on his way. He was going to be stopping soon at Knot Maul Shelter for lunch. He ate a bit and took some vitamin I and an allergy pill. Feeling better but not 100%

He proceeded to go to a spring fed pond about 1.8 miles from Chestnut Knob Shelter. This is where he will spend the night. There are no closer water sources for north bounders. This shelter is unique. It has plexiglases windows. Most shelters don't have windows.  561.3 miles to date

He cooked, ate, did dishes and washed up a bit before taking some more vitamin I and another allergy pill and it was good night Irene. Snuggled into his nice warm sleeping bag in the shelter out of the wind.  Hoping he feels better in the morning.

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